Civil Engineering

R. Lampert, S. Eckardt, R. Schlegel (Dynardo GmbH); K. Rognlien, F. Halvorsen (EDR Medeso AS, Norway)
Nonlinear 3D FE-Stability analysis of suction pile
80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition 2018 in Copenhagen
R.Schlegel, T. Dannenberg, M. Grosse, Th. Most (Dynardo GmbH), C. Kunz (BfW, Karlsruhe)
Reliability analysis of a historical bridge against ship impact with ANSYS optiSLang
presented at the 35th CASCON in Koblenz 2017
R. Schlegel, M. Goldgruber, M. Mrozek (Dynardo GmbH), H. Fleischer (BAW Karlsruhe)
Investigation of the Reliability of Dams with Stochastic Finite Element Methods
14th ICOLD International Benchmark Workshop in Stockholm 2017
M. Goldgruber, R. Lampert, D. Hinterdorfer (Dynardo Austria GmbH)
Risk Analysis - Assessment of Reliability for Concrete Dams
14th ICOLD International Benchmark Workshop in Stockholm 2017
M. Goldgruber, R. Lampert (Dynardo Austria GmbH)
Thermal Cracking of a Concrete Arch Dam
14th ICOLD International Benchmark Workshop in Stockholm 2017
Dr. Georg Kandler (TU Wien)
Development of a numerical tool for the optimization of glued laminated timber
14th Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2017
M. Grosse, R. Schlegel (Dynardo GmbH), H. Friedl (BKW Energie AG)
Simulation of an Aircraft Impact on Reinforced Concrete Structures
14. LS-DYNA Forum in Bamberg
A. Künzel (Technische Universität Berlin)
Parameter identification based on quasi-continuous strain data captured by high resolution fiber optic sensing
13th Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2016
St. Trometer (Technische Universität München)
Parametric optimization of steel-concrete composite columns under blast impact
11th Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2014
R. Schlegel (Dynardo GmbH)
Virtual product development – CAE-based simulation, optimization and robustness evaluation of construction components made of brittle materials
Xella-Symposium 2014
D.Ribeiro, R.Calçadab, R.Delgado, M.Brehm, V.Zabel
(ISEP, FEUP and Bauhaus Universität Weimar)
Finite element model updating of a bowstring-arch railway bridge based on experimental modal parameters
Article Engineering & Structures, 2012
B. Lange, F. Hering (LTV, Dam Authority of Saxony, Germany), R. Schlegel (DYNARDO GmbH),
G. Leyendecker (IRP Consulting), F. Ortega (FOSCE Consulting Engineers)
HRB Waldbärenburg: First RCC Dam Experience in Germany
6th International Symposium on Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) Dams, Zaragoza 2012
Thorsten Luther (Hochtief AG)
A probabilistic concept for the evaluation of anchor displacements under earthquake excitation
8th Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2011
Roger Schlegel (Dynardo GmbH), Arthur Claessens (Xella Nederland BV), Günter Meyer (Bundesverband Kalksandsteinindustrie e.V.), Antonio Caballero Gonzalez (European Calcium Silicate Procedures Association)
Simulation of the fire resistance of calcium silicate masonry walls
8th International Masonry Conference Dresden, 2010
Silvio Sperbeck, Harald Budelmann (Universität Braunschweig)
Probabilistic seismic risk assessment of masonry
6th Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2009
Volkmar Zabel, Maik Brehm (Bauhaus-Universität Weimar)
System identification of high-speed railway bridges
5th Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2008
Prof. Heinz Konietzky (Technische Universität Freiberg), Roger Schlegel (DYNARDO GmbH)
Using sensitivity analysis and optimization for civil engineering and geotechnical applications
4th Weimar Optimization and Stochastic Days 2007
R. Schlegel, J. Will (Dynardo GmbH)
Sensitivity Analysis and Parameter Identification on historical Masonry Arch Bridges
ARCH’07 – 5th International Conference on Arch Bridges
Johannes Will (Dynardo GmbH), Heinz Konietzky (ITASCA Consultants GmbH), Jens Heinrich (Magnetschnellbahn-Fahrweggesellschaft mbH)
Coupled Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Slab Foundation for the Magnetic Levitation Transportation System (TRANSRAPID) in Germany
Johannes Will (Dynardo GmbH), Uwe Müller (Landestalsperrenverwaltung Sachsen)
Analysis of Dams Pursuant to E-DIN 19700 Using ANSYS
20th CADFEM Users' Meeting, Int. FEM-Technology Days 2002, Friedrichshafen